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Greater Omaha Beef

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All of our products are held in modern refrigerated coolers and freezers at all times.

This ensures there is no chance of temperature deviations while under our control.


Greater Omaha Beef

The Power of Black Angus

For those interested in the promotional power of a breed- specific choice beef program, the quality of Greater Omaha delivers like no other.

The Black Angus breed is known throughout the world for delivering a phenomenal eating experience with rock solid consistency.

Consumers respond to the Black Angus name on menus and in meat cases.

Strong consumer pull of the Black Angus name means increased purchase intent and higher returns.

When you combine the power of the Black Angus name with the exceptional eating experience of the Greater Omaha Beef program you get the best of both worlds.

  • Upper 2/3 USDA Choice, hand selected for ideal marbling.
  • Aged minimum 21 days for maximum tenderness.
  • Bright cherry red lean and finely textured.
  • A government certified program.

Incomparable Cattle Selection & Availability

No one starts with a bigger selection of the very best Black Angus cattle than we do, and only 10% of those already superior cattle measure up to our standards.

Our inventory of Greater Omaha Premium Beef is extensive and aged to perfection.