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All of our products are held in modern refrigerated coolers and freezers at all times.

This ensures there is no chance of temperature deviations while under our control.


Provision items introduce an opportunity for chefs to either enhance traditional offerings or develop new and exciting signature dishes. From Old World Style sausages to spicy Hams, salami and Applewood smoked favorites, your Del Monte procurement team is committed to providing a wide selection of the high- est quality items. Our vendors understand our commitment to quality and con- tinue to offer you traditional favorites as well as boutique one-of-a-kind- items to fuel your creativity.

Del Monte Provisions

Del Monte deli meats have been a part of the Del Monte line of products for over twenty years. Packed exclusively for Del Monte, our line of deli products have been on the shelves of most exclusive and demanding restaurants shelves. All of these products are USDA Choice or better, with extremely structured trim specifi- cations, which lead to higher yields in the kitchen.


In 1933, R.C. Nueske decided to market his smoked bacon, sausage, turkeys and hams. He couldn't find a flavor as good as his family recipe anywhere else; there had to be a lot of folks out there who had no way of knowing just how good eating could be. R.C. knew his family's meats would sell, despite the Depression... people needed cheering up, some- thing new and exciting to try. So he loaded up his truck, and took to the local roads. It wasn't long before folks were coming to him.

Miler Hot Dogs

Miller's brand hot dogs and sausages are made with care in small batches using only fresh, lean beef that is seasoned from a secret family recipe. Real smoked flavor is then baked in with Miller's state-of-the-art smokehouses. Fresh product is then delivered through us directly to you..fresh.


Known throughout the San Francisco area for over a century for the best in Italian made salamis and sausages, Del Monte Meat Co. takes pride in distributing these products to our discerning customers. Family-owned and operated, Molinari is without a doubt the best in the business.


Chef Bruce Aidells founded Aidell's Sausage Company in 1983 determined to Provide quality, hand-crafted products for chefs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Soon, restaurant customers too were demanding access to his sausage to broil, fry and grill in their own kitchens. Using the trained palate of a chef, Bruce expanded his line, mixing apple chunks, sun-dried tomatoes, fire-roasted chilies and garden-fresh herbs with the fines meat and poultry. He stuffed these all into natural casings to make an increasing array of richly flavored sausages. Their company remains committed to its initial vision: to satisfy the appetite for exceptional taste. Today, they produce more than 25 sausage varieties all made from the finest quality ingredients without binders or fillers.


Groupe Griamud, the parent company, has been producing Muscovy ducks since 1965 and is Europe's leading grower of specialty fowl. In 1985, Grimaud saw a unique market opportu- nity to introduce the farmed Muscovy duck to American chefs and diners, and Grimaud Farms of California was founded in Stockton. They now operate more than 10 farms, including hatchery and breeding facilities. By controlling every facet of production and processing themselves, they can assure that their high standards of quality are met at every step. They take great care in how they raise their birds; they are all natural, always free of preservatives and minimally processed in their state of the art USDA inspected plants. They sell most of their ducks fresh to America's most prestigious restaraunts from New York to Los Angeles, and from Chicago to New Orleans.