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As versatile as it is traditional, lamb continues to be one of the most dynamic center-of-the-plate options. Del Monte inventory is packed with options, from heavy domestic product to a full selection of imported items. You will certainly be able to find an item and a price point to fit your menu needs.

One of our highest quality suppliers in this category is The Rosen Lamb Company.

Where the Quality Originates

At The Rosen Lamb Company, Inc., the finest and freshest USDA Choice and Prime American Lamb is all we process and distribute. Quality is what would separate his lamb company from all the others. And so has it remained to this day. His experience with lamb dates back to the 1950's and his interest in serving his customers with highest regard goes back even further. This dedication has been forwarded on to the second generation, his sons. It is from their skill and knowledge that Rosen can guarantee only The Finest in American Lamb and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Imported Lamb

Australian Lamb is available to U.S. customers in a variety of product lines and numerous cuts and sizes. Del Monte is proud to feature a couple of different brands, both harvested to our demanding specification is truly the next generation of lamb. Imported Australian Lamb is featured on so many menus these days. Australian lambs are raised on the country's unspoiled pastureland, without unnecessary hormones or antibiotics. The genetics results in a lean, flavorful, all-natural product. Stringent feed management practices and selection processes, coupled with strict product specification, consistently produce a quality product. Australian Lamb is naturally aged for tenderness and the mild flavor offers unsurpassed freshness, quality, and value on today's menus.

Niman Ranch Lamb

Niman Ranch works with fewer than a dozen ranching families, most of whom have raised livestock for multiple generations. These ranchers raise lamb in different regions based on the availability of that particular regions seasonal grasses. Having seasonal-specific growing regions allows us to bring young lamb to market year round. All Niman Ranch lamb are raised on pasture and then fed a high quality grain and roughage diet or graze on alfalfa for finishing. The young age of our lamb, coupled with their low stress environment and high quality, 100% vegetarian diet, ensure that all Niman Ranch lamb has a mellow flavor that’s never gamy.