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All of our products are held in modern refrigerated coolers and freezers at all times.

This ensures there is no chance of temperature deviations while under our control.


Like beef, pork continues to gain in popularity. Pork producers have re-discovered what the cattle industry has known for a long time; marble is flavor. Del Monte product selection includes commodity product from some of the first producers, as well as boutique growers and all-natural selections from heritage breeds. Our pork suppliers adhere to strict industry regulations and consistently provide Del Monte with product that gets rave reviews, as well as offering you great profit potential. Below we give you more specific information about our product offerings and the variety we make available for you and your customers. In addition to all of the various box in, box out items listed below, we process a tremen- dous amount of pork in our cut shop. Should you need frenched rack chops, country style ribs, portioned shanks or any other specialty cuts just let us know.

Seaboard Pork

Seaboard Foods is committed to serving you high-quality, great tasting pork products. Our integrated food system consists of 11 quality control points we call the Seaboard Foods Quality Circle. This Quality Circle guarantees our pork products are always wholesome, flavorful and most importantly safe. If you're feeding your family or friends a Seaboard Foods product, either here in the United States or internationally, you can be assured of high-quality, great-tasting pork every time.

Niman Ranch Pork

Niman Ranch may be most well known for it's award win- ning pork. In order to consistently delivery the finest tast- ing pork, Niman Ranch begins with a cross of Duroc, Chester Whites and Berkshire breeds. These genetics are particularly well suited to an outdoor environment and express exceptional mothering abilities. All our hogs are raised outdoors or in deeply bedded pens, where they are able to express their natural instinctive behaviors, like rooting and roaming.

All Niman Ranch hogs are fed a 100% vegetarian diet. These superior genetics, along with our hogs high quality diet and unsurpassed raising practices result in well marbled pork that is unbelievably moist, tender and juicy!

Raised outdoors or in deeply bedded pens Never given hoRmones or antibiotics - ever! Fed a 100% vegetarian diet

Masami Pork

Masami Pork is the most flavorful, succulent and consistently delicious pork available. Grown naturally from a majority of Berkshire hogs, known in Japan as Kurobuta or "Black Hog," they are fed longer for slower growth that results in finer muscle texture, fine abundant marbling and a deep, rich meat color. Kurobuta Pork is exquisitely tender, consistently juicy and tremendously flavorful.