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All of our products are held in modern refrigerated coolers and freezers at all times.

This ensures there is no chance of temperature deviations while under our control.


Del Monte sources the finest quality veal for you and your customers. Whether you are looking for the velvety smooth texture of our milk fed veal or the more competitive price point of our range fed product, you are sure to find what you need. In most of our product selections we feature a range fed option, but not all so be sure to check with your Del Monte Sales representative. Our suppliers understand our expectations and share our high standards. The animals are fed highly specialized diets resulting in creamy color with just enough marbling to melt in your mount. The velvety smooth texture and exquisite flavor are memo- rable. Our inventory is hand selected to be the best of the best for our customers and our cut shop can produce that perfect medallion or chop for your clientele.

Del Monte Natural Range Fed Veal

Our all-natural range fed veal program has been in existence for over 15 years, and continues to grow as natural product continues to increase in demand. All of our calves are bought and raised with direct interaction between feedlots, producers, and Del Monte. No added hormones or antibiotics are given to these animals, which gives these products great range fed taste with unmatched quality in the industry.

Dutch Valley Veal

From the stockyards of Downtown Chicago, Dutch Valley Veal is the premier in foodservice Formula Fed Veal. Dutch Valley Veal is well recognized around the country for its superior taste and quality. Our relationship with Dutch Valley Veal is built around trust and integrity. All of Del Monte product is hand-picked for color and quality. Our trim specifi- cations are second to none in the foodservice industry, and all products are packed exclusively for Del Monte Meat Co.

Marcho Farms

Marcho Farms has been raising formula-fed veal calves on family farms for over 40 years. Our group of family farmers includes many Amish families. One of the highest goals of an Amish family is to be able to sustain themselves from their land. We are proud to be able to play a part in maintaining their lifestyle. Our typical Amish family farm raises 200 calves at a time. This farm size allows for much individual calf care and attention. The success of the farming side of our business is a key part of the reason we produce the most consistent and highest quality veal products for Del Monte Meat Company.

Provimi Veal

With over thirty years of food industry experience, Provimi Foods is leading the way in gourmet meal solutions. As the food service business evolves, our reputation for delivering consistently high quality products to restaurateurs and retailers is just as important now, as it has always been. In fact, our precise attention to detail and product consistency have been praised by some of the best kitchens in the country. Whether it's from our large repertoire of food and sauces or a custom dish that we've developed specifically for your menu, you can rely on Provimi products to perform when you need us most. Plus, with a national sales network and full R&D capabilities, we can work very closely with you to create innovative recipes and place orders on existing products.